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1.    Every pupil should wear a clean uniform. 

2.    Every pupil should salute the teachers on his / her first meeting them for the day within the school premises. 

3.    On the teachers entering the classrooms, the pupil should raise and remain standing till they are asked to sit or till the teachers take his /her seat. 

4.    No pupil shall be allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of his / her teacher or until the class is dismissed. 

5.    Strict silence should be observed in the assembly and while dispersing to the classrooms thereafter. 

6.    Loitering in the verandas during class hours shall be severely dealt with continued indifference on the part of the students violating this rule will lead to removal of the name from the rolls. 

7.    Pupils should restrain from scribbing from the school walls disfiguring furniture and  causing damage to any property of the school. 

8.    a. Every student should attend school only in school uniform

Class Boys Girls
6 to 10 Elephant Gray Pant & Red Checked Shirt Red Checked Tops Elephant Gray Bottom
HSS Blue Checked Shirt with Navy Blue Pant Blue Checked Tops with Navy Blue Bottom
      b. Boys hair should not be grown as long as to fall on the ears and on the collar        but should be well trimmed.     

9. Students should be punctual.     

10. The class rooms should be kept clean.      

11. Dishonest practice on the part of a student at any time or rude behavior or disobedience will be severely dealt with.



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