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1.    No pupil shall absent himself / herself without obtaining leave previously from the class teacher or headmaster. 

2.    In the case of a sudden illness when it is not possible to give leave application before then leave letter should be sent to the teacher on the first day of attendance. Leave may not be granted otherwise. 

3.    Pupil who attend the school after absenting themselves without prior leave shall not be admitted without paying a fine of 0.50 paise to the school office and handing over the receipt to the class teachers. 

4.    If the adsence is more than five days continuously on account of illness the application for leave should be accompanied by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. 

5.    The name of a pupil who absents himself for ten days at a stretch without obtaining leave will be removed from the roll and he will not be readmitted as a matter of course. 

6.    In case of long continued illness, information regarding the illness supported by a medical certificate should be sent to the class teacher atleast once a week. The admission fee is Re.1. 

7.    Application for leave should be made by the parent or guardian for the pupil giving the details as shown below. 


Name  : 

Class & Section  : 

Date  : 

8.    Leave will not be granted on the re-opening day of a term or after special holidays like Deepavali, pongal etc. Such unauthorized absence is punishable with a fine of one rupee for each day of absence. 

9.    Pupil coming late should get their late attendance marked in the register by the class teacher before commencement of the second period. 

10. Late-corners will be punished. 

11. Frequent irregularity or truancy will be seriously dealt with by the headmaster. 

12. Attendance at all school function is compulsory, Absentees will be fined or penalized. 

13. Pupil are not allowed in the school to interview parents or visitors or leave the school premises during the school hours without the prior permission of the headmaster. 

14. A student copying will not be allowed to take subsequent examination until the headmaster has granted him / her written permission to take other examinations. Such students must bring his parent to the headmaster. Punishment will be meted out to the students indulging in any malpractice according to the discretion of the headmaster. 

15. Progress report will be sent to parents after quarterly,half yearly and midterm examination. Parents or guardians are requested to examine the progress reports carefully and help their wards to improve in the subjects indicated weak. 

16. Physical education is a compulsory subject. Hence participation in physical education activities is compulsory. If any student is physically handicapped he should get exemption producing medical evidence. 

17. Leave of absence for the terminal examination will be granted. Only on medical grounds certified by a registered medical practitioner / authorized  medical attendants. If a pupil absents himself / herself for more than one termina examination. He / She will not be considered for promotion. 

18.  Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework disobedience and disrespect to teacher justify dismissal. Pupils are responsible to school authorities for their conduct in and outside the school. 

19. Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking daily interest in their wards progress. They should check the diary for any remark and then take suitable action. 

NOTE  : 

. Change of address of pupil and parents or guardians should be intimated to class teachers and to the school office. Attendance in each term both physical edn. & regular class should be a minimum of 75% 

. No private tuition should be arranged by the parents with this school teacher without the written permission from the headmaster / correspondent. The teachers are also informed that no private tuition shall be undertaken without obtaining written permission from the headmaster or correspondent. 

20. The school accepts no responsibility if thorough failure in wearing school uniform or in bringing books to class or in obtaining signature of parents or remarks written by teachers or on the absence record in the calendar. No pupil is allowed to return home during class. Every late comers may be sent home. 

21. The school cannot be held responsible for any accident or serious injuries to pupil during school hours or during excursion NO school business will be transacted during holidays. 

22. The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore every pupil should take special care of the diary and bring it to class daily. 

23. Parents are advised to make their own arrangements for drinking water for the wards as the school has limited supply of drinking water. 

Monthly tuition fee will be collected for the English medium students of all standards as per rate prescribed by the government.



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